Videos from May Event

We've produced some videos about the event to let people find out about what happened and get people excited about future events.

Overall Event Summary

Power Series Racing with Jim Burke - sub $1000 autonomous vehicle competition

Comma.AI with George Hotz - company developing autonomous vehicles

Swift Navigation with Dennis Zollo - centimeter accurate GPS

PolySync with Josh Hartung - vehicle software platform

Renovo with Chris Heiser - high end electric vehicle platform

AutonomouStuff with Bobby Hambrick - autonomous development platform

Plus a bonus video, The Race to Autonomous Driving,  produced by our friends at Velodyne

Thanks to Matt Cross at Frame44 for filming, editing, and producing these videos!

XSens/Fairchild Dataset Available

Fairchild Semiconductor and Xsens have shared the datasets captured on their MEMS Attitude Heading Reference Systems (AHRS) and GNSS/INS systems. The files include measurements from the Fairchild FIS1100 6 Degree of Freedom (DoF) IMU, the Fairchild FMT-1030 AHRS, the Xsens MTi-3 AHRS, and the Xsens MTi-G-710 GNSS/INS. The files from the event can all be read in the MT Manager software, available as part of the MT Software Suite, available here.

The dataset is now available at

PolySync Dataset Available

We're happy to announce the release of the PolySync dataset from our first event. This dataset represents an entire session at Thunderhill Raceway, as captured by our research vehicle using multiple LiDAR, GPS, video, MobilEye, radar, and ultrasonic sensors. 

Download the PolySync dataset here. To view and interact with the dataset, you will need to request a free trial of PolySync. We recommend you visit and learn more about PolySync, how it works, and how to use it for your project.

While you're at it, you can check out a preview of the visualized dataset (as seen in PolySync Studio) here

PS: PolySync's Kia was piloted by none other than Mark Drennan, who recently stepped up to be a professional race car driver in the 2016 Battery Tender MX-5 Cup!

Event Photos and First Dataset

Got Blue Milk took photos from our event. I've uploaded them to a photo album. Please help me annotate who is in each picture! If you have photos to contribute, please drop us a line.

Velodyne released three runs captured on track with both the HDL-32 and VLP-16. I have uploaded the data to A free viewer is available as well as documentation.

Several other teams are preparing datasets for release and we will announce them shortly.

More Data Is Needed

In order to make it easier for people to build autonomous vehicles for this event in the future, we will be publishing datasets captured from various sensors on the cars and near the track at

Our first dataset is an optical and thermal aerial survey from our friends at Kairos Aerospace. A lovely tile viewer is available.

The raw data behind that web page is available for download under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license and include: